How to Offer Flexible Hours to Your Employees

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Flexible work schedules offer perks for employees and businesses alike. When employees have control over the hours they work, they can focus on being productive without worrying about tasks like picking up the kids or being home to meet the plumber. Additionally, employees who can work remotely save time that would have been wasted on a commute. Keep reading to discover how best to introduce flexible work hours at your place of business.  

Focus on Outcomes

Many employers hesitate to offer flexible schedules because they’re overly focused on workers clocking in and out at certain times. Instead of insisting that you get a certain amount of face time with your team, consider shifting your focus to productivity. For example, some workers may be able to accomplish in six hours what others need eight hours to achieve. If employees are consistently meeting their goals, then it likely doesn’t matter whether they’re performing these tasks at home or in the office, in the middle of the night or between nine and five.   

Take It Slow

Becoming a remote company is a big decision and one you shouldn’t undertake on a whim. If you’re considering offering your employees flexible hours or work-from-home opportunities, don’t be afraid to start small. For example, you could allow employees to work from home one day a week to start. If that goes well and efficiency remains high, consider expanding the practice to allow two work-at-home days or letting people set their own hours.  

Utilize Technology

Technological innovations have made it easier for employees to work out of their houses or other locations. Not only can teammates communicate with one another via email and chat, but they can also use online software programs to manage workflows and projects, provide feedback, and track their time. Take advantage of these options for holding your workers (and yourself) accountable.  

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