3 Must-Haves For Your Manufacturing Resume

Manufacturing Workers


Hiring managers aren’t just looking for manufacturing workers with on-the-job experience. They also want to find people who will show up on time every day and fit in with the company culture. Whether you’re looking for your first manufacturing job or seeking a new, better paying position in the field, check out American StaffCorp’s three must-have for a manufacturing resume that’s certain to attract attention:

Industry Experience

Relevant experience is essential when it comes to landing a manufacturing position, so make sure your career history is featured prominently on your resume. Along with noting the companies you worked for and the job titles you held, make it a point to detail your responsibilities. In particular, you should focus on measurable achievements and accomplishments, such as reducing the number of safety violations or increasing customer satisfaction.

Soft Skills

Hard skills like driving a forklift are crucial for succeeding in the manufacturing field. However, today’s best employers are also concerned about a candidate’s soft skills, so set aside space on your resume to list those qualities that make you a team player. For example, you might say you’re good at training. After all, the top manufacturing workers lead by example, helping to train less experienced teammates and show them the ropes.


Most jobs require some amount of training to get workers up to speed. Give yourself a leg up on other manufacturing candidates by showing off your educational achievements, such as academic degrees, certifications, safety courses, and training programs. The goal is to show prospective employers that you have both the ability and desire to learn.

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