Should I Hire a Recent Graduate?

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Millennials and Gen-Zers may get a bad rap in the job market. However, the truth is that these recent graduates can and do bring great value to companies. Along with being young and energetic, these employees bring exciting ideas that can revitalize old businesses and result in new revenue streams. Keep reading for tips on hiring the right recent graduates so you can be confident they’ll meet your company’s needs.

Don’t Rush to Judge

Hiring managers have a bad habit of making employment decisions in the first few minutes of an interview. However, this practice can be a mistake when it comes to candidates who are recent graduates. Just because these workers don’t have extensive experience interviewing and pitching themselves to hiring managers doesn’t mean they aren’t qualified candidates. If you judge recent graduates too quickly, you might end up missing out on strong employees for your business.

Ask for a Work Sample

While it often pays to give new grads a chance, you don’t want to hire someone who lacks the essential skills needed to do the job. When hiring younger workers, consider asking for a work sample or requiring them to complete a skills test. A test project is a great way to evaluate potential employees before you commit to the long and expensive hiring process. Plus, you’ll be able to rest assured knowing that the person you hired has the skills needed to succeed.

Set a Good Example

Of course, hiring managers can’t employ every person who sits across the desk from them. While it’s perfectly acceptable (and necessary) to turn down a recent graduate, the way you deliver the news can go a long way toward helping them succeed in the working world. Strive to treat every applicant with respect throughout the interview process, responding to emails promptly and delivering bad news with kindness. The goal is to give recent grads the courage and confidence needed to find a great job while showing them how businesspeople should behave.

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