Ready to Be an Assembly Tech? Make Sure You Have These Skills!

Top Skills


A career as an assembly tech comes with numerous advantages, including a solid salary and impressive job security. However, that doesn’t mean landing a position in this field is easy. On the contrary, the most desirable positions include a list of required skills and abilities for job candidates to possess. At American StaffCorp, we pride ourselves on helping talented assembly techs find exciting positions throughout Tulsa and the surrounding communities. Here are some of the top skills needed to succeed in this field. 


Job seekers often forget that assembly techs need more than industry-related know-how to succeed. The truth is that assembly techs have to communicate with a wide range of people on a daily basis, including fellow workers, supervisors, and even clients from time to time. Additionally, assembly techs may be called upon to train new employees, so candidates who don’t know how to express themselves clearly and effectively may be at a disadvantage.  

Attention to Detail

Assembly workers often find themselves performing repetitive functions on a regular basis. Still, successful techs need to remain focused on the task, no matter how monotonous the labor. Failing to notice small, seemingly unimportant details can result in products being constructed inaccurately. If you excel at paying attention to the details, a career in this field may be ideal for you.  

Technical Skills

It likely won’t surprise you to know that technical skills are essential for the aspiring assembly tech. Along with the ability to read blueprints and engineering drawings, the best assembly techs are skilled at product and performance testing, cleaning parts, and of course assembling equipment.   

Find Your Next Tech Job in Tulsa with the Help of American StaffCorp!

The Tulsa job market is booming, and talented tech workers can have their pick of positions, provided they know where to look. At American StaffCorp, we boast longstanding connections with businesses across the region. That means companies come to us when they’re looking to expand. Trust us to find you challenging, lucrative positions that will help you grow your career in the coming years. Ready to get started? Call today or contact our recruiters. 


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