What to Say When an Interviewer Asks, “When Can You Start?”

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Hiring managers often ask job candidates when they would be available to start a new position. While you might be tempted to say you can start right away in order to showcase your availability, the truth is that this response can come across as overly eager and perhaps even dissuade the company from hiring you. Moreover, most candidates have to give their companies two weeks’ notice before leaving a job. Here are some tips for answering this question successfully, so you don’t sabotage your odds of landing the job.


Play It Cool

If you’ve been on the job search for a while, it’s only natural to want to throw yourself into a new position. However, being too available can suggest that you don’t have much going on in your life and are therefore less desirable as a candidate. When the hiring manager asks when you can start, play it cool by giving a slightly longer timeline than you might like.


Show You’re Considerate

The way you acted at your last job is a good indicator of the kind of employee you’ll be at your next one. Pledging to give your old employer two weeks’ notice suggests you’ll bring the same thoughtfulness to your new company should you ever leave. For best results, let the hiring manager know you’re currently finishing up a couple project but will be ready to devote all your attention to the new position in two weeks’ time.


Be Ready for Anything

Of course, some new positions require a longer adjustment period. If you need to relocate for a job – whether it’s across town or over state lines – it pays to give yourself a more realistic timeline. Additionally, being honest and transparent about any delays you might encounter is a good way to start things off on the right foot with your new employer.


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