Where to Start Your Job Search

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Whether you recently lost your position or are just looking for a change, the prospect of launching a new job search can be intimidating. After all, you’re risking rejection, which is always upsetting. Fortunately, there are strategies to help you expedite your search and find a challenging, rewarding position that truly meets your needs. Read on for American StaffCorp’s top tips for starting the search:

Work on Your Resume

One of the first steps in any successful job search is developing a solid resume. If you haven’t touched yours up in a few months (or years), it’s probably time to look it over. Mid-level and senior workers would do best to remove entry-level positions and unrelated work, such as that summer Starbucks job. Additionally, job seekers should make sure their hard and soft skills are up to date and refine their resume design to ensure it’s clean and modern. 

Check Out the Job Sites

In the past, job seekers flipped through the pages of the newspaper in search of positions. However, times have changed, and today job sites are one of the main ways in which people find employment. Indeed, for example, brags about adding 9.8 jobs to its website every second. Many of these aggregators even include resume builder tools to help candidates present themselves in the best light. 

Contact a Staffing Agency

If you’re having trouble finding a desirable job on your own, you might want to turn to the professionals for help. Staffing agencies have access to a wider net of jobs, thanks to their connections with top employers. In fact, they often know about jobs before they’re posted to the general public. As a bonus, you’ll have a recruiter in your corner to tell hiring managers how perfect you are for the position.

Start Your Job Search with American StaffCorp!

Based in Oklahoma, American StaffCorp provides top-notch staffing solutions to job seekers in Tulsa, Oklahoma City, and beyond. Whether you’re looking for professional, clerical, or industrial work, we can help you find exciting opportunities in your chosen field. To learn more about our services, call today or use our Quick Apply feature online.


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