The Right Way to Reach New Manufacturing Candidates Through Social Media

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The days of recruiting employees through newspaper want ads are long past. These days, a majority of companies are using social media to find top active and passive candidates, and the manufacturing business is no exception. Read on for the right way to reach new manufacturing candidates on Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social platforms:


Showcase Your Company Culture

Successful social media recruiting requires more than posting jobs online. Savvy manufacturing companies also share information about their company cultures. For example, you might want to post about the last company picnic or happy hour you hosted or describe the various community outreach programs your business invests in. Doing this helps humanize your company and incentives top manufacturing workers to apply.


Post Jobs on Facebook

Once you’ve created a strong Facebook presence for your company, you can begin the process of finding new manufacturing workers. As a recruiter, you have the option of posting about the job opening on your social media page or buying a paid social media ad to promote your position. It might be helpful to include a hashtag for all job listings so followers and interested parties can easily search for openings.


Get Personal

Social media offers an easy way for companies to reach hundreds of qualified manufacturing candidates with one post. However, a recruiter’s job isn’t done when they hit the “share” button. Instead, companies need to reach out to job seekers if they hope to establish a personal connection. For best results, avoid using a form message and craft a customized response for everyone you contact. Additionally, businesses should strive to get back to all candidates within a reasonable timeframe and not leave job seekers hanging.


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