How to Find Your Next Manufacturing Superstar


Just as the manufacturing industry has changed by leaps and bounds over the last 20 years, so too have the skills required to succeed in this important field. As a result, HR managers have to evolve to keep up. Here are some of American StaffCorp’s tips for interviewing manufacturing candidates to find your new superstar.

Hard Skills

Hard skills refer to those abilities that are traditionally associated with a career in manufacturing. For example, a sold manufacturing candidate may have training in machinery, welding, HVAC, and mechanical reasoning. Because fewer schools offer vocational classes these days, the above skills tend to be in high demand, so don’t hesitate to hire top talent.

Soft Skills

Of course, it’s not enough for a worker to have the technical chops for the job. A good manufacturing candidate should possess expertise in writing and communications, troubleshooting, and critical thinking. After all, a key part of the position involves dealing with problems as they arise. For best results, look for employees who have proved themselves in the soft skills as well as the hard.

Advanced Technologies

If you’re seeking a true manufacturing superstar, take time to ask prospective employees about their experience with more advanced technologies. Today’s top manufacturing candidates are knowledgeable in areas like 3-D printing, automation, programming, and even the internet of things. If you’re looking to give your business an upgrade this year, these employees can help it succeed.

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