Are You Checking Out Your Candidates on Social Media?

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Most of us look up potential friends and romantic prospects on Facebook. Why wouldn’t you do the same with people you’re thinking about hiring? In fact, a majority of employers now take time to check out their job candidates on social media prior to making an offer. Here are some tips on evaluating prospects online to ensure the best possible fit:

Tools of the Trade

A basic Google search can tell you a lot about a potential job candidate. However, if you want to take a deeper dive, try the Facebook People Search tool. Because this tool lets you search by name, hometown, and even college, finding individuals is generally an easy matter. Additionally, you can find info about candidates using the LinkedIn Search feature. Get up-to-date, highly relevant information about candidates’ previous jobs, skills, and overall accomplishments.

Green Flags

When scouring a candidate’s social media page, it’s important that you seek out the positive as well as the negative. Some green flags for hiring managers include strong written communication skills, posts about professional achievements or goals, evidence of industry expertise, and positive comments by friends and colleagues. Search for evidence that a worker will enhance your current team while meshing well with existing personalities.

Red Flags

Of course, not everything you find on social media is going to be a boon for the candidate in question. Avoid those applicants whose pages are rife with negative comments about former colleagues or confidential information regarding their companies. Photos can be another red flag, though you won’t want to dismiss every job candidate whose social media feed includes the occasional shot of them drinking wine. That wouldn’t leave you with very many options! It is wise to avoid candidates who post inappropriate or insensitive comments, including language that’s sexist or racist in nature.

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