Winter (Hiring) Is Coming

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If you’re looking to pick up some extra hours this holiday season, you’re not alone. Between holiday parties and the need to buy presents for friends and relations, many of us are eager to earn some extra cash at this time of year. Luckily, a number of industries seek out additional labor between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Read on for details:


If you’re looking for a part-time gig over the holidays, retail is a natural choice. Not only are stores open extra hours on Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and other days during the holidays, but they also see a great increase in the number of customers coming through their doors. Clothing shops not your thing? Consider a temporary gig at a toy store, book store, jewelry boutique, or electronics supplier, all of which see a bump in sales over the holidays. Note that most department stores are also looking to hire in November and December, so you might be able to pick up some shifts at your local Macy’s or Target.


Do you have a background in accounting and finance? If so, there might be an opportunity to pick up some freelance work before the holidays. Tax prep and personal finance services employment tends to peak over the winter, before declining slightly in March and April. You might even be able to help some folks who are looking to create holiday gift-buying budgets or revamp their spending as part of a New Year’s resolution.

Additionally, individuals with a talent for writing can seek out freelance marketing work over the holidays. As web businesses strive to boost holiday sales, opportunities exist for skilled writers to create blog and social media content. You can earn some extra money while getting a jump on your holiday shopping.


Warehouses are no doubt trying to find faster ways to ship out items before the holidays. If you have warehouse experience, spruce up your resume and team up with a staffing agency to find a company that’s hiring immediately. Recruiters at staffing agencies often know about seasonal jobs before they’re announced online or in the newspaper.

There may be opportunities for entry-level workers to get hired permanently and move up in these companies because of a seasonal role on their resume.

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