A Time To Give Thanks To Your Employees

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Your employees work hard for you all year and often serve as the face and voice of your company. And while they deserve your gratitude 365 days a year, during the holiday season you might want to do something extra special to show your appreciation. Here are some tips for giving thanks to your employees this year in a way that resonates.


Let Them Eat Cake! (Or Donuts)

Bosses bringing in donuts or cookies for their teams might be a bit of a stereotype. However, it’s a classic for good reason. After all, who doesn’t enjoy a treat now and then to get through the day? For best results, alternate sweet or fatty treats with healthier ones, like fruit and vegetable trays or hummus and pita chips.


Offer Some Much-Needed Time Off

Of course, even the best donuts don’t compare to a day spent lounging on the couch. If you can afford it, think about showing employees you care by telling them to get lost – at least for a day or two. Offering a little extra vacation time is a great way to express gratitude while giving workers the chance to rest and recharge. Can’t afford to offer more time off? Think about letting teammates work from home one day a week in the month leading up to the holidays.


Host an Event

Think employees view holiday parties as boring obligations? Think again! Most workers appreciate the opportunity to relax and mingle over drinks and snacks on the company dime. For extra points, offer attendees gift bags or host a raffle in which teammates have the opportunity to win something big, like a new iPad.


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