How to I Explain My Successes in a Resume if I Don’t Really Have Any?

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Think you’re a failure just because you haven’t had a lot of job successes? Think again! Whether you’re a younger employee or one transitioning to a different industry, having a few gaps on your CV is nothing to be ashamed of. Moreover, there are things you can do to close those resume gaps and persuade potential employers to give you a chance. Here are some of American StaffCorp’s tips for explaining your successes, even if you don’t have very many.

Focus on Value

With employers receiving hundreds of job applications for the best positions, it’s only logical to find ways of standing out from the crowd. After all, most employers want to hire someone who they know can do the job well. Even if you don’t have an abundance of experience, you can distinguish yourself by focusing on your value as an employee. Look for ways to show you can make your boss’s life easier. For example, maybe you’re fluent in Spanish or skilled at organization. Strive to arrange your resume in a way that highlights these details rather than just listing previous positions you may have held.

Elaborate on Challenges

Think you don’t have any career accomplishments? The issue may be one of semantics. Think about times when you’ve experienced challenges at work and describe how you handled them. You might want to use the CAR method, in which you organize events based on Challenge, Action, and Results. Ask yourself what the problem was, describe the actions you took to correct it, and share the results that happened due to your efforts.

Split One Accomplishment into Two

If you haven’t been working for very long, you might not have a laundry list of achievements to share with prospective employers. However, that doesn’t mean you’re out of luck when it comes time to craft your resume. Make one accomplishment look like several by splitting it up into steps. For example, you can elaborate on how you raised sales in a given city, detailing each of the steps you used to get there.

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Being inexperienced doesn’t make you a poor employee. On the contrary, it just shows that you’re new to the business world and eager to prove yourself. A leader in local recruitment, American StaffCorp helps a range of employees find the best jobs to meet their needs and goals. To learn more about how we can help you create a successful resume and CV, call today or contact us online.


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