Our 5-Minute Resume Grammar Guide

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Think your grammar instruction days are over now that you’re out of grammar school? On the contrary, maintaining appropriate spelling, punctuation, and sentence structure is equally important in the workplace if not more so. After all, if an employer can’t trust you to write a cover letter, why would he rely on you to communicate with customers and clients on the regular? Check out our five-minute resume grammar guide below to ensure your CV makes the right impression:

Avoid Fragments

When talking in person or texting on your cellphone, communicating in fragments is acceptable. However, in more formal communications, such as cover letters and resumes, it’s best to use complete sentences that contain a subject and verb. If you’re not sure if a sentence qualifies as complete, ask a trusted friend to look it over or use an online tool such as Grammerly. This browser extension easily identifies any number of grammar faux pas.

Pay Attention to Tense

A verb’s tense helps clarify when something happened. For example, is it happening now, did it happen in the past, or will it happen in the future? In most cases, you should opt to describe experiences at former jobs using the past tense (I trained employees.) and duties at your current job using present tense (I train employees.).

Take Care With Numerals

Specific grammar rules and regulations dictate how numerals should be used in text. In general, write out all numbers between one and nine and use Roman numerals for numbers 10 and up. Be sure to spell out a number at the start of a word. For example, it’s, “I have 12 kittens” but “Twelve kittens live with me.” Make sense?

Ensure Your Resume Stands Out for the Right Reasons

The Oklahoma City and Tulsa job markets are competitive, and if you don’t have a standout resume you’re unlikely to land the position. However, job seekers need to take steps to ensure they make an impression for the right reasons. If you need help with your job search, call today, or search our available listings online. We look forward to being your career search partner.

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