Community Colleges: Incubators for Future Manufacturing Pros

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Struggling to find your next great manufacturing employee? You might be looking in the wrong place. With millions of manufacturing jobs currently unfilled, employers across the country are seeking out untapped resources for talented workers. If you haven’t considered recruiting from a local community college, you might be missing out on some of the top candidates out there.

Additive Manufacturing Programs

Referring to the technologies used to build 3D items, addictive manufacturing or 3D printing is a crucial aspect of a modern manufacturing education. And fortunately, many community colleges are embracing this trend. In California, for example, many community schools are “leading the way in making 3D printing an integral part in any engineering and manufacturing-related major,” according to California’s Manufacturing Network. If you’re looking for your company’s next manufacturing pro, community colleges could be an excellent resource.

Certification Programs

Additionally, many community colleges provide excellent certification programs in manufacturing. Popular topics include computer aided design and engineering technology. At Mesa Community College in Arizona, for example, students can choose to obtain a certificate in Machining I, CNC Machining II, and Advanced CAM Systems Programming.

Because these programs were designed to prepare students for the workplace, manufacturing companies can feel confident that the people they hire out of community colleges will have the skills and abilities needed to succeed. That means you can spend less money training and get your new workers on the manufacturing floor faster.

Find Your Next Employee at a Community College

Whether you’re looking for accountants, machine shop workers, or manufacturing employees, American StaffCorp can help you achieve your hiring goals faster. In fact, we help fill thousands of positions each year in Tulsa, OKC, and beyond. And because we screen and assess workers for you, your company saves money in the long run. For more information about our staffing services and where you can find top workers, call or contact ASC online.

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