Why Your Manufacturing Knowledge Transfer Needs to Start Now

Knowledge Transfer


If you’re the owner or hiring manager of a manufacturing facility, the odds are good that you’re dealing with a shift in the average age of your employees. In fact, reports show that by 2025, a quarter of the U.S. population will be older than 60. As more experienced manufacturing employees leave the workforce, companies will be forced to replace them with younger – and often less-experienced – workers.

Luckily, there are ways to capture the manufacturing expertise of this generation before retirement. Here are some tips for starting your manufacturing knowledge transfer now, before it’s too late…

Identify Knowledge Holders

The transfer of knowledge can’t begin until you identify those employees who have the most to offer fellow workers. In general, the employees who are nearest to retirement age tend to have the most knowledge stored up. While they might not initially be excited to teach the next generation, you can often persuade them with a little flattery and ego stroking. Let them know how talented they are – and how lucky the younger generation is to have their expertise on hand.

Decide What to Pass On

Of course, not all the tactics favored by the older generation are equally effective. In fact, some of the methods of older manufacturing workers are slowing you and your team down, while others are downright dangerous. Before arranging for older workers to train younger ones, ensure that you’re passing on only the best info.

Go Digital

While one-on-one training has its place, you also want to be able to take advantage of this acquired knowledge after your best workers have retired. To ensure this newfound knowledge sticks around, take time to digitize it. Type up the best tips, tricks, and manufacturing strategies and create a form of digital documentation that new employees can reference for years to come.

Don’t Lose Out on Manufacturing Expertise

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