How to Hire Your Next Great Manufacturing Team Lead

Manufacturing Team Lead


The modern manufacturing industry is one that involves numerous challenges. Not only do manufacturing managers need to master the latest technologies and ways of doing business, but they also have to find ways of keeping employees safe in an increasingly fast-paced environment. Here are tips to help companies hire great manufacturing team leads moving forward:

Focus on Safety

A great manufacturing team lead makes safety a top priority. After all, this worker is responsible for the health and safety and everyone in your employ. Not only does your team lead need to understand and implement all safety procedures, but he or she must also be committed to undergoing continuous training and ensuring that everyone on staff does the same.

Seek Good Communicators

The best manufacturing team leads are also highly skilled communicators who work well with different kinds of people. When evaluating a prospective team lead, ask open-ended questions rather than those that can be answered with a simple yes or no. This strategy can help you determine how good candidates are at expressing themselves. Additionally, you can ask candidates to describe a time when they had trouble with a manager to see if they were able to handle the situation calmly and effectively.

Opt for Organizational Skills

When choosing a manufacturing team lead, it’s important to find a candidate who is calm and organized under pressure. Manufacturing team leads have stressful jobs, and those that are inherently disorganized might struggle to keep up. When in doubt, opt for a candidate who uses checklists, online calendars, or another tool to stay on top of work challenges.

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