5 Things You Should Never Put on Your Resume

Never Put This on Your Resume


It’s no secret your resume is a crucial part of the job search. And while this document is a great place to share what distinguishes you from other candidates, that doesn’t mean you should pack it with every fact and detail about your life. Space is limited on a resume, and the wisest candidates choose what to include – and exclude – carefully. Here are five things you should never put on a resume if you want to land your dream job:

Irrelevant Occupations

When deciding what to exclude from your resume, target irrelevant experiences first. If you want to set yourself apart from other candidates, it’s important to make sure every piece of data helps further the impression you’re making on the employer. If your resume includes irrelevant jobs, especially from 20 years ago, you should probably make some edits.

Unrelated Skills

Just as you should remove irrelevant jobs from your resume, you want to scratch out skills that don’t apply. For example, a sales company probably won’t care that you learned HTML in college.

Soft Skills

While there’s nothing wrong with including relevant skills on your resume, it’s important to choose the hard kind over the soft. Use your skills section to detail your knowledge of AP style and proficiency with WordPress, and describe any soft skills you might have, like leadership, in the work experience portion of your resume.

Career Objectives

Once upon a time, job seekers almost always included career objectives on their resumes. These days, that trend is largely obsolete. Instead, prospective employers should be able to discern what your career goals are by perusing your work experience and education. Moreover, you don’t want to turn an employer off by listing a career objective that has nothing to do with the position you’re applying for.


It’s fine to mention hobbies like quilting or snowboarding in an interview, but you should probably leave them off your printed resume.

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