How to Show Your Personality During a Job Interview

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We all know it’s important to show up for an interview looking professional and responsible. However, that doesn’t mean you should act like a mindless automaton. On the contrary, displaying some personality during an interview helps differentiate you from other applicants and can even aid you in connecting with the hiring manager. Here are some tips to showcase the right amount of personality and make a strong impression:

Be Intriguing

While there’s nothing wrong with telling the interviewer about more typical hobbies, such as reading or biking, sharing less common hobbies can help ensure people remember you over other candidates. So, next time you’re asked about your pastimes, consider telling an anecdote from your last trip to Australia or mentioning you can make sushi like the pros.

Be Relevant

Whenever possible, strive to relate details about your hobbies back to the job you’re applying for. For example, if you’ve played on an indoor soccer team for years, consider sharing how the experience taught you the value of teamwork and cooperation. And, of course, it’s always good to mention hobbies that involve leadership.

Search for Commonalities

It’s no secret that people tend to make friends based on shared interests. Well, the same holds true for job interviews. If you want to show your personality while increasing your odds of landing the job, search out areas of common interest with the hiring manager. You can gain a leg up on the competition by taking a look at the interviewer’s Facebook or LinkedIn page before the big day. See if you both root for the same sports teams or went to the same college, and use this info to your advantage. 

Excel in Your Next Job Interview

Landing the interview is only half the battle. If you want to score that coveted job offer, you need to take steps to prepare for conversations with hiring managers and other employees. A leader in recruitment, American StaffCorp can help you with everything from crafting a resume to prepping for the interview. For more information about what we can do, call today or contact our team online.

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