5 Interview Questions to Determine a Strong Work Ethic

Interview Questions


It’s no secret that interviews are stressful from the perspective of the job candidate. However, there’s less talk about how hard interviewing is for the hiring manager. Just because an employee looks good on paper doesn’t mean he or she has the work ethic needed to succeed in a position. Here are five interview questions to help you determine whether a potential worker is up to the task:

How Would Your Last Boss Describe Your Work Ethic?

It’s easy for job candidates to describe their own work ethic in glowing terms. However, when you ask what an old boss might say about someone’s efforts, it forces him or her to consider the question on a deeper level. This is particularly effective if you ask for references, so you can speak to the previous employer for yourself.

How Would Your Colleagues Describe Your Work Ethic?

It’s not enough to do a good job for the boss; you also want an employee who works hard as part of the team. That’s why it’s helpful to ask a candidate how colleagues would describe her performance on the job.

Describe a Time When You Went the Extra Mile.

Want to know if your prospective employees will be there when the chips are down? Ask them to describe a time they went above and beyond to get the job done. This is an effective question because it forces candidates to share a specific experience rather than speaking in generalities.

How Do You Handle a Heavy Workload?

Even the calmest work environments are occasionally stressful. If you want to make sure your job candidate is up to the task, ask about a time when he had a heavy workload. Encourage him to provide details about obstacles that stood in his path and how he overcame them. Finally, ask about the result of his efforts and whether the work got done on time.

Discuss a Time You Had to Overcome Challenges at Work.

Seek out job candidates who welcome challenges rather than avoid them. They’ll be the ones who are there for you when the chips are down.

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