3 Skills You Need to Be an Outstanding Transmission Assembler!

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If your plans for 2018 include finding a job as a transmission assembler, then congratulations. You’re entering a lucrative career field with strong job prospects. However, you will need to master some skills to land your dream job.

A leader in industrial staffing solutions, American StaffCorp regularly places candidates in this field. Here are three skills required to be an outstanding transmission assembler, based on our years of experience:

Attention to Detail

Succeeding as a transmission assembler requires a detail-oriented mindset. After all, this job involves putting together pieces, many of which are small, and doing so in the correct order. Making even a tiny mistake can cause the final product to suffer or malfunction. If you’re meticulous and highly efficient, however, this job will likely be ideal.

Technical Know-how

It’s not enough to be good with your hands. Transmission assemblers must also possess a solid educational background. Generally, employers in search of transmission assemblers seek out candidates with basic math skills. Additionally, you should be able to read blueprints and manuals and work with machines and assembly robots. The best transmission assemblers are also computer savvy and able to pick up new skills quickly.

Physical Strength

Some degree of physical prowess is required in this field. On occasion, a transmission assembler may be called upon to lift heavy or oddly shaped objects as part of the assembly process. And because you will likely have to be on your feet for at least some of the workday, you should have a good amount of stamina to work in this field. Finally, assemblers should be able to perform repetitive motions without pain or discomfort.

Find Your Dream Job With Help From American StaffCorp

Ready to start your career as a transmission assembler? At American StaffCorp in OKC, we are proud to say we’ve helped thousands of job candidates find their dream positions over the years. To learn more about our staffing services, call today or view our available job offerings online. We look forward to helping you succeed.

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