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Having trouble securing top candidates for your open positions? If so, the problem might not be with your company but your hiring techniques. The truth is that Generation Z, or the generation following the millennials, makes up more than a quarter of the population: That means they’re a crucial group for employers. Here are some of American StaffCorp’s tips for getting to known Gen. Z so you can get them on the payroll:

Understand Values

You can’t expect to appeal to Generation Z if you don’t know what’s important to this group. Staffing experts report that this generation values creativity, respect, and workplaces that encourage teamwork. If you want to appeal to an applicant in this age group, consider stressing that your company has a great mentorship program or mention that you encourage employees to join forces to get the job done.

Be Open About Majors

It’s only natural to have a profile in mind for your dream job candidate. However, businesses that are too rigid about their hiring needs are likely to miss out on the best Gen. Z candidates. The fact is that members of this generation often pursue liberal arts degrees, such as theater or communications. If you need someone to think outside the box and talk to clients, that comm major might be just what you’re looking for. Remember, people with college degrees have already demonstrated a strong ability to learn new skills.

Sell Yourself

The best Generation Z candidates have prestigious degrees and skills that put them in high demand among employers. Make sure you have a shot at top applicants by taking time to sell your company and its perks. For example, you might want to discuss your financial stability, flexible schedule, or willingness to help new workers grow and climb the ladder.

Find Your Next Hire With Help From ASC

Struggling to land top candidates? Don’t settle for mediocre. OKC’s staffing leading, American StaffCorp has been helping local employers find qualified workers for more than 50 years. Whether you’re looking for experienced administrative workers or entry-level welders, we can help. Call today or schedule an appointment with our recruiters. We look forward to helping you staff your company for success.

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