Make Your First Hire of 2018 Your Best Hire!

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It’s no secret that employees can make or break a business. After all, your workers are the ones communicating with clients, dealing with customers, and making the products that you sell in your store or on your website. While staffing your business for success is no easy task, OKC-area businesses don’t have to do it alone. Here are some of American StaffCorp’s top tips for helping clients find top job candidates in 2018.

If 2017 didn’t yield the kinds of new hires you wanted, the problem might not be a lack of qualified candidates but an inability to write effective job descriptions. In fact, many companies fail to write ads that attract the best candidates – and even deter people who would make strong employees. For best results, avoid making your job ad too skill-focused and concentrate instead on hiring people with a proven ability to learn and succeed in different positions. When in doubt, focus on what you can do to help an employee rather than what an employee must do for you.

Interview Multiple Candidates … And Conduct Multiple Interviews

Do you have a tendency to hire the first employee you interview? If so, you probably aren’t getting the best person for the job. To avoid this hiring mistake, aim to interview at least three people for every open position. Additionally, you should ensure that a prospective candidate speaks to multiple people within the department. Not only does this help you ensure you’re going with a strong candidate, but it also gives job prospects the opportunity to get to know their future coworkers and assess whether they’d be good fits for the role.

Seek Out Soft Skills

It’s not enough to seek out workers who possess the desired tech skills and abilities for the job. After all, many of these techniques can be taught through on-the-job training. Soft skills, on the other hand, are harder to learn but essential to success in most positions. When hiring for an open role, aim first to find workers with strong communication skills and high emotional intelligence – the other stuff can wait.

Boost Business Performance With Help From American StaffCorp

At American StaffCorp, we are proud to say our staffing pros have more than 130 years of combined industry experience. That means we have the skill and connections to help your company find the best employees for every open position. To learn more about our client staffing services, call today or set up an appointment online.

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