The Safety Tips You Need to Know in 2018

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Even the best workplaces don’t always take the measures required to protect their employees from injuries on the job. Luckily, there are steps workers can take to stay safe in even the most hazardous of conditions. A leader in employee staffing solutions, American StaffCorp helps workers find jobs that pay the bills while also protecting their interests for the long haul. Here are four tips for staying safe at work in 2018.

Pay Attention

You can’t stay safe on the job if you aren’t aware of the potential hazards. For best results, take time to examine your workplace, making note of any possible danger spots. These might include large machinery, slippery floors, heavy boxes stored overhead, and a lack of emergency exits. Once you know where these dangers are, you can take steps to correct the problems.

Protect Your Posture

Sharp tools and heavy machinery aren’t the only hazards in the workplace. You can get hurt even if you spend all day sitting at a desk. In fact, many workers suffer from back and shoulder pain and the repetitive stress injuries that result from failing to maintain proper posture. For best results, ask your supervisor to provide you with ergonomic furniture and take regular typing breaks to protect your arms.

Inform Your Manager

One of the best ways to protect yourself – and your coworkers – is to report any potential safety issues to your supervisor. The best companies know that they should work with employees to address these concerns … after all, workers are the ones on the front lines every day. If your direct supervisor doesn’t listen to your concerns, don’t be afraid to take them to someone higher up in the company.

Follow Safety Protocol

In some cases, workers need to don proper safety equipment to stay safe in the workplace. For example, you might need to wear earplugs, a hard hat, special goggles or even a face mask to protect yourself. Make sure you wear all the equipment your company provides and take care to do so correctly, according to the directions provided.

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