Why Your Body Language in an Interview Is Almost as Important as What You Say

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Landing a job offer takes more than researching the company and printing out laminated copies of your resume. If you truly want to impress a hiring manager, it’s important to make sure your body language is just as positive as the words coming out of your mouth. From mastering the perfect handshake to making sure your smile shines bright, here are some of American StaffCorp’s tips for showing confidence, calm, and sincerity with your body:


A firm but brief handshake is a great way to show hiring managers you’re confident and sure of yourself. For best results, wait to offer your hand until the interview holds out his or her hand. Then hold eye contact while you shake for just a second or two. The last thing you want to do is make the hiring manager feel awkward or uncomfortable.


Your handshake is just one way that you can convey your confidence in a job interview. Additionally, you should take care to keep your arms open – rather than folding them – and smile periodically. These gestures show a warmness and engagement that help you connect with the hiring manager, while giving him or her clues about the kind of employee you would be. After all, no one wants to hire someone who seems cold or closed off from fellow workers.


If you don’t want to seem nervous or uncertain of your own abilities, avoid fidgeting in your next job interview. Candidates who cross and uncross their legs or talk with their hands too much might seem overly anxious or too emotional. The hiring manager is likely to assume this person doesn’t feel confident in his or her skills. For best results, sit still and keep your hands in your lap throughout the interview.

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