Why Interviews with Recruiters are Real Interviews

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Recruiters are the gateway to getting hired. Even if they don’t work for the company where you’re applying, they speak on behalf of this company and it’s their job to screen you first. Staffing firm recruiters aren’t going to be on the job site watching you work, so speaking with them can feel like a casual conversation with a friend.

It’s important to remember that when the recruiter sets up a phone interview or in-person meeting, this will be a real interview.

Recruiters will be held accountable if they can’t provide good talent to their clients, so they don’t take this conversation lightly. Don’t kick up feet up on the table in front of you, use coarse language or take their call in the middle of a busy restaurant.  Instead, you should prepare as if this is your first step toward meeting your employer. If you don’t, you could end up losing out on a fantastic opportunity to a more serious candidate.

That being said, here are a few ways you can approach this unique kind of interview situation.

Show you are who you say you are

When a recruiter talks to you for the first time, the only things they know about you are what they got from your resume. Therefore, your first order of business should be to reassure the recruiter that you have the skills and knowledge you have provided them.

Also, ask for a written job description ahead of the interview. Then, study that job description and connect the dots from your own background to the job requirements for the recruiter.

Show you are interested in the job

Recruiters really like when they recognize someone is a strong fit for the role they’re trying to fill. The potential match means nothing if the person gives the impression they’re not very interested in the job or the company.

To move on to the next stage of the process, recruiters want to feel confident about your enthusiasm and eagerness to learn more. If you truly are curious about the opportunity, you’ve got to convey enthusiasm in your responses to the recruiter’s questions.

Show you fit the culture

Recruiters and hiring managers don’t just want someone who is simply qualified; they want someone who can do the job and get along with everyone else in the workplace.

If possible, before you have a formal conversation a recruiter, go to the potential employer’s website and social media profiles to get a sense of the kind of company that it is. Is it a freewheeling, fun company? Is it highly professional and structured? Is it a close-knit small company or a multinational corporation?

If you find a genuine connection between the company culture and your personality, make sure you convey that directly by talking about the different aspects of the culture that you appreciate.

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