How to Make Your Team Meetings More Productive

How to Make Your Team Meetings More Productive


It’s no secret that workplace meetings can feel a little, well, stale. While some members of the team monopolize the conversation to ensure their ideas are heard, others feel bored or, worse, ignored by management. A leader in staffing and employee services, American StaffCorp offers tips for holding more productive team meetings in which everyone has a chance to contribute.

Create an Advanced Agenda

We’ve all been in those meetings that seem to go on forever. In some cases, teammates sit around because no one knows exactly where to begin or what to discuss first. Rather than let your meeting devolve into chaos, get organized by handing out agendas in advance. That way, everyone can review the key topic of discussion ahead of time and show up ready to discuss salient points.

Mix Up the Meeting Spot

Have you ever had team members doze off during a meeting? Maybe they just stare listlessly into space or fail to respond to your queries. If so, the issue might not be that they’re bored with what you’re saying but that they’re tired of the meeting location. The old walls can start to look pretty dull after awhile, so liven things up by moving your team meeting to a new spot. If the weather is nice, take your group outside to talk or consider rewarding a strong quarter with a team lunch outside the office.

Be Open to Everyone’s Ideas

Just because you’re the boss doesn’t mean you always have the solution to a problem. The most effective leaders listen to their teams and ensure that the best ideas rise to the top. If you want to make your meetings more productive, ensure that everyone in the room – from your right-hand man to the new intern – has a chance to share and be heard.

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