Landing Interviews But Not The Job?


Landing Interviews but Not the Job


If you’re receiving numerous interview invitations but no job offers, it might be time to reevaluate your performance. After all, a number of factors go into hiring decisions, from the content of your resume to the clothes you wear on the big day. Here are some of American StaffCorp’s tips for wowing the interviewer and landing your dream job.

Consider the Visuals

The impression you make in an interview isn’t just determined by the words leaving your mouth. When you meet a hiring manager, this person will likely judge you by your appearance as well. For example, if you wear flashy jewelry or clothing, come across as overly enthusiastic, critical or pushy, you might turn away the person you’re hoping to impress. For best results, consider all aspects of your interview presentation from what you’re saying to the visuals you convey.

Explain Resume Gaps

If you have holes in your resume, the interviewer is going to notice. And they might be thinking about these employment gaps rather than listening to your sales pitch. When hitting the interview circuit after a period of unemployment, you should be upfront about your employment history. Explain the reasons for your absence in a clear, simple, honest manner without going into unnecessary detail, and then shift your focus back to how your skills align with the job at hand.

Focus on the Company

It’s important to talk about your strengths and accomplishments in an interview. However, if you’re only talking about yourself, the hiring manager might have trouble connecting the dots about why the company needs you. To boost your odds of landing the position, do some research on the company and find out how you are uniquely qualified to help achieve its goals. And don’t be afraid to ask intelligent questions. After all, the hiring manager wants to know you care about doing a good job!

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