Four Ways to Build Teamwork at Your Next Staff Meeting

Four Ways to Build Teamwork at Your Next Staff Meeting


Your employees represent your business to customers and clients alike, and if you want them to make a positive impression, it’s important that they work together. Not only does teambuilding help your staff members to bond, but it also ensures that they know you care about their career satisfaction. Here are some of American StaffCorp’s top tips for building teamwork at your next staff meeting.

Use Problem-Solving Games

Games are a great way to get your staff motivated while encouraging members to work together. And problem-solving exercises have the added benefit of boosting critical thinking skills. At the start of your next meeting, ask workers to solve a company-related riddle or work as a group to solve a puzzle.

Consider Trivia

Want to build your team’s knowledge of the company while inspiring cooperation? Trivia is a great way to teach your employees about the business, its founders, and upcoming projects in a fun way. Consider dividing your staff into teams and offering a prize to the one that answers the most questions correctly.

Keep Meetings on Track

If your meetings regularly run long, forcing workers to play catch-up, you’ll likely annoy the people you hoped to inspire. Aim to start meetings on time and stick to the schedule you distributed ahead of time. This way, workers know what to expect. Additionally, setting a clear agenda encourages employees to wait until the proper time to introduce topics. When you run your meetings efficiently, you ensure that staff members can get their work done during the day, so they don’t have to take items home with them at night. That makes everyone happier.

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