How to Show an Interviewer Your Call Center Skills Include Having Empathy

Call Center Skills Empathy


It’s no secret that customers tend to contact call centers when they’re feeling frustrated. Whether a product didn’t arrive on time or failed to work as intended, the person on the other end of the line will likely be less than pleased. With this in mind, it’s important that people in this profession possess the empathy needed to connect with customers who are feeling upset, frustrated, or downright furious.

Here are some tips for showing an interviewer that empathy is among your skills while applying for a call center job.

Show That You Understand the Definition of Empathy

You can’t prove to an interviewer that empathy is one of your skills if you can’t first show you understand the meaning of the word. While you don’t want to recite a dictionary definition to the hiring manager, it’s a good idea to explain what empathy means to you and how you use it to establish meaningful connections with your callers.

Give On-the-Job Examples

Anyone can claim to demonstrate empathy in his position. The best job candidates provide examples of instances when they showcased their skills on the job – and perhaps cases when colleagues failed to do so. Talk about a time when a customer called in with a problem and how you handled the situation using your natural empathy. For example, you might have expressed understanding in order to defuse a caller’s anger and frustration. You can also mention that you’ve seen less empathetic employees interact with angry callers with disastrous results.

Talk About Your Goals

You can convey a sense of empathy by talking about your short and long-term job goals, including the reason you’re applying for the position. The best call center workers are passionate about helping others and truly enjoy the feeling that comes with solving problems and improving emotional wellbeing.

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