How to Smile With Your Voice and Other Essential Call Center Skills

Call Center Skills


Call center employees fulfill a key function in that they communicate with customers on a daily basis. And while remaining calm and collected is crucial in this role, it’s not enough to help you succeed in the position. The best call center employees excel at connecting with customers and making them feel as though their needs are being met every step of the way.

Follow these tips for smiling with your voice and other call center skills essential for success.

A Smile Isn’t Just Visual

Just because the person on the other end of the phone can’t see your face doesn’t mean they can’t sense your enthusiasm – or lack thereof. If you have a bad attitude, the chances are good that the person to whom you’re speaking can sense it. Similarly, a smile can affect your tone and even encourage you to deal with irate or frustrated customers in a more pleasant manner. In fact, studies show that tone of voice has a significant effect on the overall effectiveness of a telephone encounter. The goal is to come across as happy, helpful and eager to accommodate the person on the other end of the line. 

Practice Makes Perfect

If you want to boost your customer service skills, it’s important to practice. This might mean smiling in front of the mirror in the morning or practicing a cheerful-sounding voice while talking on the phone to friends or relatives. It’s hard to sound less than happy when you have a big smile plastered on your face. In the long run, practicing your “smiling voice” will help you to rise through the ranks of this industry and maybe even land a job at a desired company. 

Focus on Feelings

People tend to place calls to customer service lines when they need help with something or when something has gone wrong. As a result, callers are often in a vulnerable or angry place. Along with speaking to customers with a smile on your face, offer them a pleasant greeting, such as “good evening.” You should also give your name and make it clear that your goal is to help. Meeting anger or frustration with more hostility is never an effective tactic. 

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