Manage Risk When Working With Temporary Employees

Manage Risk from Temporary Employees


Whether you’re in the medical industry or manufacturing, employee mistakes can end up costing your business – and sometimes the price goes beyond lost profits. A Tulsa-based recruitment firm with a long history of success, American StaffCorp recognizes that companies take a big risk when they hire new employees, particularly temporary staff who are only going to be around for a short term and might not be very invested in the business’ success. Here are our expert tips for managing risk and ensuring your temp employees are effective members of the team:

Utilize Screening

If you want to reduce risk with your hiring choices, consider taking a hard look at your employee screening system. Whatever your industry, employees who use drugs or have a criminal record can be a threat to your customers, other workers, and bottom line. For best results, implement a consistent, fair employee screening system that includes drug testing and thorough background checks. It’s also a good idea to check references before making a formal offer.

Revolutionize Your Onboarding

If an employee is failing on the job, the problem might not be a lack of effort but improper training on the part of the company. In fact, many businesses provide only minimal onboarding instruction and fail to educate employees on modern threats like hacking and other cybersecurity issues. If you want to boost the odds of your team toeing the line, think about altering your training strategy so employees receive continual instruction over their first few weeks on the job.

Work With the Right Staffing Firm

Choosing the right staffing firm is essential when it comes to minimizing risk with regard to hiring. The fact is not all recruitment companies are created equal, and some fail to keep up to date on important legal changes such as laws concerning overtime work and PTO. If you aren’t clear on your employees’ status, you might even find yourself violating labor laws. To protect your business, choose a staffing company that stays abreast of the rules and regulations surrounding labor and can advise you on potential problems.

Prevent Bad Hires From Ruining Your Day

 Whether you’re looking for temporary people to help out during the seasonal rush or full-time employees who will help shape your business, American StaffCorp has the skill and experience to help you find the best people and keep them for the long haul. To find out more about our services, call today or contact our recruiting team online.

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