How to Prove You’re a Hard Worker in Your Interview

Hard Worker


Just as it’s not enough to say you’re a hard worker, you won’t get very far by including the words in your resume. On the contrary, employees need to prove they’re diligent and detail oriented if they want to stand out among the competition. Here are American StaffCorp’s top tips for proving to the hiring managers in your interview that you can get the job done.

Describe Your Accomplishments

One way to show your worth to the hiring manager during an interview is to share some of your recent accomplishments. Instead of just claiming you are good at what you do, prove it by offering specific examples, such as times you solved problems, negotiated deals, or went above and beyond to improve productivity. When in doubt, showcase a time in which you saved your previous company money, as this rarely goes unappreciated.

Explain Your Work Practices

Sharing your knowledge of specific workplace practices and policies from your previous job can be a great way to impress supervisors at your new company. For example, you can mention ways you handled supply and demand, kept track of inventory, or managed employees. You can also talk about your respect for health and safety standards and how you plan to demonstrate this, should you get the job.

Talk About Your Goals

Savvy interviewers want to hire workers who have specific goals and are there for the long haul. After all, hiring and training new employees is expensive and a drain on productivity. Show that you plan to work hard now – and in the future – by describing your five-year plan to the person interviewing you.

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