Five Ways to Make Your Company More Attractive to Manufacturing Workers

Manufacturing Workers


Anyone who’s worked in the manufacturing business for a few years knows that not all employees are created equal. As the owner or hiring manager of a manufacturing company, you need to take steps to find and attract the best workers for your open positions. And in our digital age, placing job ads in the local papers isn’t enough. Here are five ways to make your company more attractive to the kind of manufacturing candidates you want to hire.

Improve Your Interview Skills

The best interviewers recognize that hiring conversations should be dialogues, not lists of questions and answers. To improve your company’s appeal, make sure hiring managers know how to converse with candidates in a way that’s friendly and open. By ensuring prospective employees feel comfortable asking questions and speaking their minds, you minimize your odds of hiring the wrong people.

Encourage Learning

You can boost your odds of attracting top workers by offering opportunities for employees to continue their educations. Along with on-the-job training sessions, consider providing tuition reimbursement for those workers who opt to add to their skills. Their education will only help you in the long run.

Support Your Community

Millennials, in particular, aim to work with companies that benefit their communities. To attract members of this growing percentage of the workforce, be sure to promote your community involvement and charity work on social media and in your company literature.  The goal is to show you have a mission beyond the financial.

Have Longer Contracts

Manufacturing workers are used to searching for new jobs on a regular basis. One way your company can appeal to top employees is by offering longer contracts. Eliminate job uncertainty and secure better workers for future jobs by implementing more long-term contracts.

Hire a Staffing Company

Skilled manufacturing workers can be hard to find. A Tulsa-based recruitment company, American StaffCorp helps local manufacturing companies find top candidates and screen them to ensure they meet expectations. Additionally, we can help you through the interview process to make sure you ask the questions that need answers. For more information about what we do, or to set up an appointment with our recruiters, contact our team today!

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