5 Questions That Will Knock The Socks Off Your Interviewer

Interview Questions

As a job applicant, you might assume your role is to answer questions during an interview. On the contrary, savvy hiring managers expect interviewees to turn the tables, asking pertinent and probing questions as well. Here are five questions sure to knock the socks off your interviewer in the best sense possible:

  1. What Skills Do You Wish Your Current Employees Possessed?

This question is a great way to determine how you as a candidate can stand out. For example, if the company is currently lacking great writers, take the opportunity to show off your skills in this area.

  1. What’s Your Management Style Like?

Not all employees respond well to all styles of management. Asking this question shows hiring managers you understand your strengths and weaknesses and want to make sure you truly are a great fit for the role. It also gives you an opportunity to share how you’ll shine under the current leadership.

  1. What Happened to the Previous Person in This Position?

Of course, you don’t need to ask the hiring manager for details, but it’s good to know why the previous employee vacated the role. Were his abilities not up to speed? If the last jobholder was lacking in some way, take the opportunity to explain why you won’t make the same mistakes.

  1. What’s the Company Culture Like?

Asking about company culture shows you are serious about fitting into your new environment. And it gives you valuable information on what your daily life would entail.

  1. Where Will the Company Be in Five Years?

It’s common enough for companies to ask applicants where they plan to be in five years. However, candidates rarely turn the tables and ask hiring managers the same. This is a great question to ask if you want the company to know you’re building a career—not just looking for a short-term gig.

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