Step Out of Your Comfort Zone to Recruit Millennials

Recruit Millennials


Did you know that as of 2014, 36 percent of the U.S. workforce was millennials, and that by 2020 that number will increase to 46 percent?

Millennials are those born from the early 80’s to early 2000, and they are changing the way business is being conducted.  Unlike generations before them, their work ethics and needs greatly differ.  They prefer flexibility, motility and the “no shackle” lifestyle.  Money and job prestige are not at the top of their list for employment. In fact, according to Forbes, 91 percent of millennials stay in a job less than three years.

To attract top-quality talent for your staffing needs, you need to redefine your recruitment and retention process. You are competing against the giants like Google, Apple, Amazon and Microsoft.

Here are some tips to help in the evolution of your employee hiring and recruitment program.

Use Social Media and Video Recruiting

Gone are the days when the human resource recruiter could simply post a job to the job boards. To attract the type of high-end talent you are seeking, research the websites of the “big guys” like Proctor & Gamble and Zappos.  For instance, check out the career section of Microsoft and see what perks they offer to attract talent.

Develop a Flexible Work Schedule

According to a study conducted by Millennial Branding, 45 percent of this generation prefers workplace flexibility over pay.  Recognize that your employees have needs outside of the office and allow them to submit alternative schedule plans to you.  With today’s use and ease of technology, productive and creative work can be conducted from anywhere. Working from home on non-meeting days, or skipping out early one day and working longer the next day will go far in attracting this “lifestyle-first” generation.

Encourage Entrepreneurship

Millennials have serious entrepreneurial drive. In fact, they have started 50 percent more businesses than the boomer generation.  They would rather start a company than work for one. While recruiting, let the prospective candidate know your company encourages ingenuity and new product development.  Look into starting a special program to encourage ingenuity.  Zappos has Zfrog Awards which allows employees to submit their business ideas.

Create a Comfortable and Pleasant Work Environment

People perform better when they are at ease and comfortable.  Take a good look at your offices.  Are they sterile? Too little room?  Cluttered?

Allow your employees space and an interesting soothing work area.  Add some plants, soften lighting, and hang some nice artwork. You might consider the addition of a small gym or even a break/game room to give your staff a sense of place.

Your recruiting efforts will be greatly increased and your retention cost minimized by just adjusting the corporate culture to meet the demands for top-talent acquisition. Contact the experts at American StaffCorp today for more recruiting tips.

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