Why Training and Onboarding Must be Viewed Separately

Why Training and Onboarding are Different


Employees are the heart and soul of your company.  They are the creators, the doers and the money makers.  Your time and money are well spent in designing and implementing an effective new hire program encapsulating training, orientation and onboarding.

Too many human resource departments and hiring managers rush this process and confuse onboarding with orientation and training.


Generally conducted in a classroom-like setting, and is usually given by the hiring manager.   Some of the information presented will include:

  • Company policy and procedures
  • Benefits and access to them
  • Time expectations
  • Tour of the offices and/or factory setting
  • Company values and mission statements


A continuum of the orientation but elaborates more on the overall company operations and introduction to co-workers and teams.  This is where the new hire is introduced to their job expectations, goals and corporate support systems.

It can take over a year for a new employee to meet their optimum productivity, so a well-designed long term program is an absolute necessity. Here are some tips to include in developing a solid and productive onboarding program for your staffing company:

  • Weekly or monthly goal setting with reviews
  • Open access to managers for information and/or problem resolution
  • Introduction to company products, teams and leadership
  • Feedback on job tasks, accomplishments and productivity
  • Leadership assistance to strengthen skills and promote team work


Best overseen by a mentor.  The manager or supervisor of the new hire needs to ensure that all tools, programs, and necessary company assets are available to, and understood by the new employee. This is an ongoing process and usually takes from 3 to 6 months.

Identifying and employing the right personnel for your teams takes time and investment because you want to ensure that your new employees stay with your organization.  Studies have shown that an effective long-term onboarding and training program can increase your new hire retention by 36 percent!

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