How to Build a Great Relationship with Your Recruiter

Build a Great Relationship with Your Recruiter


Recruiters can be a superb resource in your job hunt.  Many candidates have used the same recruiters for several job placements, so you want to make sure you are forming a good working relationship with your staffing recruiter.

Recruiters from staffing companies and employment agencies have direct access to human resource departments, department managers and other hiring personnel in the very companies you may want to work for.  These recruiters can help you propel your career to the next level.

Some recruiters work for a specific company or for staffing firms.  Look for a recruiter that specializes in the field of employment you are seeking.

First and foremost, recognize that the recruiters work for their clients – not for you.  That is not to say you are not important to them, but recognize they are not like a real estate agent or an attorney you hire to represent you.  They receive job orders and work with candidates with the appropriate skill set to fill their clients’ positions.

Once you contact, or are contacted by a recruiter, always be honest and open with them.  If you have a lapse in employment discuss it with them and they will work with you on to handle it.

A recruiter may be handling several client companies at the same time, so their time is often stretched.  Here are a few tips that will help you build a good relationship with the recruiter and optimize your job search:

Be available – When your recruiter makes contact, get back to them promptly.

Information and documentation – Provide it to them as soon as requested. Make sure your resume and cover letter are appropriate to the job position that you are being submitted for.  Be open to any suggestions from the recruiter.

Follow up – but do so in an abbreviated and not too frequent manner.  Email is usually best for this.  Thank them for any interviews they set up.

Be polite – ask their advice and request information on the position you are exploring.  Once again, email is best for this.

Keep it professional – a chit chat is okay if time permits, but remember that your recruiter is not your therapist or mother.  It is better to keep personal problems to yourself.

Refer other candidates – Once you have your job secured, refer your family and friends to the recruiter. This goes along way them and you never know when you will need the services of the staffing agency again.

Good recruiters maintain great relationships with their clients, keep abreast of industry news and have fabulous networks.  They can propel you to the next level in your job search. Reach out to the expert recruiters at American StaffCorp to get your search started today.

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