5 Ways to Enforce Your Company’s Safety Policy

Enforce Your Safety Policy


Your primary concern for your employees is their safety and health.  You spend a lot of time and money developing and upgrading a program to ensure that goal. But how do you get everyone on board to comply?

First, your program should be constructed in such a way that all the managers and supervisors have input into the program and their responsibilities for oversight should be delineated.  Regular meetings should be held to review and possibly update the policies as needed.

Once you have your management team on board, it is time for you to hold a general meeting with all your employees to educate them thoroughly on the program, policies and procedure.  Explain it in a way that makes the employees understand that you care about them and their safety.  They are more apt to comply if they feel it is in their own best interest.

Many businesses give every employee a copy of the practice and procedure manual.  That way, if a situation presents itself they will know how to handle it. Make sure your workers know which manager or supervisor to go to with any concerns they have, breaches of policies they know of, or any company safety hazards that they are aware of.

To ensure complete compliance, audits should be part of the program and conducted on a regular basis, similar to how medical teams do “hospital rounds”.  The information should be shared with the management oversight team, and an analysis performed to meet predetermined metrics and goals.

There are numerous ways to gain employee cooperation:

  • Share your analysis results at employee meetings
  • Set up a recognition program with SHARP or other incentive programs based on goal achievements
  • Seek input from employees
  • Include safety compliance in the employee’s annual review
  • Set up disciplinary measures for chronic offenders
  • Recognize and support employees who actively contribute to your program

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